Tacacho Part Two

This is a follow up from a previous post. Here is a recipe for tacacho taken from Yanuq.  Tacacho is a great Peruvian dish originating in the jungle:  Ingredientes : 10 plátanos verdes – 10 Plantain bananas 2 cucharadas de … Read More


We had a great time passing time with our friends. Whether we were cooking a meal (or watching one being cooked), walking through the city, or just sitting around, we were blessed to be with them.  Cooking on the roof … Read More

Games, Games, Games

One of our favorite things to do with our Peruvian family and friends is to play games. We played Uno, Dos, SkipBo, Pass the Pigs, Dutch Blitz, Pictionary Telephone, Storytime, basketball (21, around the world, Chancho), and soccer.  We played … Read More

Iglesia en Musa

One big difference we saw while on this last trip was the new church building in Musa. A few months before we left Peru in 2008 the church began the demolition of the old building. Because of poor construction and … Read More

2011 Peru Trip

We just got back from a two week trip to Perú. We did not go to see Machu Picchu. We did not fly to Iquitos to float in the Amazon. We did not go to the beach to surf. We … Read More

Double Date

Renato and Nordid Huaman took Crystal and I out for a ride around Lima. We took in some beautiful sights down by the ocean.Renato also showed us the police station where he works and the patrol car he uses. His … Read More