11 Years Ago

Eleven years ago we became one. Here are photos of those eleven years, each taken roughly one year apart. The change without seems insignificant to the change within.

Today is the day.

Five years ago today we said our vows and kissed. We were proclaimed to be man and wife before our families, friends, country, church, and God. Although we had known each other for over five years, we began a journey … Read More

The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny by Ann Dunagan Product Details Paperback: 219 pages Publisher: Authentic Point: Your family can and should be involved in missions. God does not ask you to sacrifice your family on the … Read More

Crystal’s Book Review

What Did You Expect?: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage Paul David Tripp Product Details Hardcover: 287 pages Publisher: Crossway Language: English Date of reading: 9/28/2011 Point: This book is “a detailed description of the daily work of love that must … Read More

Anniversary 12/16/09

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary in December. It has been quite the adventure! We have visited various countries, served in different compacities, and learned many new things. I have been so blessed to be married to Crystal!