Today is the day.

Five years ago today we said our vows and kissed. We were proclaimed to be man and wife before our families, friends, country, church, and God.

Although we had known each other for over five years, we began a journey which would deepen our relationship in ways we never would have guessed.
As I look back at the last five years I cannot thank God enough for Crystal. There are so many traits that she possesses which proclaim that she is a child of the King, that she lives for something greater. She inspires me to love God and others more.
There are so many areas where I would be completely lost without her (like downtown Minneapolis!). Last night we had a cookie baking activity which took place without any explosions, burns, or cookies that taste like chalk (all of which contribute to good activities, but a little stressful if all together). That can only be attributed to her careful planning and patient servanthood.
She keeps our home in a state of simple and appealing usability. It is clean, organized, and tasteful. I never wonder if our home is presentable for visitors.
I could not ask for a better helper, encourager, spouse, or friend. She means the world to me.