Paintball and Pain: another activity idea

Once or twice a year (fall and/or spring) we gather the guys, dig out the wrist rockets, and shoot each other with paintballs. This was something I used to do with friends back in jr. high and high school, and it is just as much fun now, plus, I’m a better shot. The problem is, the guys are getting to be better shots (see photos).



Various Face Shots

IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1297

I counted 17 visible welts on me after our 3 hour event. I think the guys have it out for me.

After – a little less spunk


You can do this with paintball guns, but there are three reasons I don’t.

1. Cost: the whole activity costs about $50. That is the price of the paintballs, replacement bands, and the customary Bar S hotdogs that accompany any youth activity. Take that in comparison to roughly $30 a person at a course.

2.Location: we play in the swamp behind the church. No driving. No one is running a special course.

3. Realism: we play with wrist rockets because I think it registers differently in my mind than if I were to look down a barrel at someone.