Here is a short video of s’more making during our Conversational English activity this weekend (watch for the barbarities committed when people realize you can roast more than just marshmallows).


Paella is one of the most famous Spanish dishes. The mixture of rice, chicken, pork, and seafood is slow cooked and tough to beat. Our friend and language tutor, Karine, prepared it for us and my parents. We had a great time eating … Read More

Recipe: Baked iPhone

This is a new recipe that I tried last night. Hope you find it as “tasty” as I did. Ingredients: Pan of Lasagna iPhone Phone call from brother Directions: Preheat oven to 350 Take call from brotherTry to hold iPhone … Read More

Pumpkin Stew!

I found a recipe for pumpkin stew in my favorite brand of cookbooks, The Gooseberry Patch.I used some of the bear meat that my dad had given us to make the stew, and it turned out really well! You should … Read More


We had some friends over and grilled earlier this month. I don’t claim to be a master, but I can poke a stick through a vegetable and piece of meat with the best of them.  Adam had the responsibility of … Read More