To Create

To create something of true beauty. To forge something to stand. Endure. Carry another’s life. To speak into the darkness some word of light. Flickering. Brief but bright. To add some weight of meaning to a fleeting moment. To stamp … Read More


One of the many interesting thoughts from Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray “You are a sceptic.” “Never! Scepticism is the beginning of faith.” I greatly appreciated my first time reading through this book. There are many things to … Read More

How much…

When I ask the question of responsibility, it comes out as “how much do I have to…give/love/forgive/sacrifice…?” It nearly always leaves me bouncing between self-righteousness and frustrated obligation. But when Jesus asks the question it is “how much can you … Read More


May I enter him as my refuge, build on him as my foundation, walk in him as my way, follow him as my guide, conform to him as my example, receive his instructions as my prophet, rely on his intercession … Read More

Pride and the gospel

If what you are believing increases your self-image, it isn’t the gospel. >According to Scripture, God deliberately designed the gospel in such a way so as to strip me of pride and leave me without any grounds for boasting in … Read More