Toy Box

We made a toy box out of pallet wood for some friends a couple week ago. I use the word “we” because you can see I had a little helper who wanted to be part of everything.

What am I thinking!?

This quote from Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes by Alastair Humphreys describes much of my life. “But whenever you think, ‘this is an exciting idea’ and immediately follow that by thinking, ‘this is a very stupid idea’ then you know you are … Read More

Memories for sale!

There is a standing joke with one of our friends every year at their garage sale. We line up all our stuff on tables and shout, “Memories for Sale!” That phrase gets to the heart of a battle between keeping … Read More

Two years ago, today…

Today is “Celebration of Life” day. Maybe not on your calendar, but on ours. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of two very special lives. Our arms were first able to hold Tanzen, and Crystal was once again able to use hers. We … Read More

Events from 2014: Lake time

  We moved back up to Baxter the beginning of July as we began the transition to deputation, while there, we tried to capitalize on the beautiful lakes! Tanzen’s first boat ride…which wasn’t too well received.