Events from 2014: Montana

After all the transitions going on this year we decided to take an intentional break from it all. We were able to spend most of the month of August in Montana. We had two primary goals: 1) Read; and 2) Hike.

IMG_4117For our first goal, we had plenty of time to read some of those books that we had always wanted to, but never took time to read. We added to the enjoyment by listening to them on our phones while sitting by the river or staring at the mountains.

Some of my favorites from our time were:

  • Paradise Lost by Milton
  • Treasure Principle by Alcorn
  • The Chronicles of Prydain by Alexander
  • Confessions by Augustine

Here were some of the views we had while listening to books:

IMG_4182 IMG_4298 IMG_4302 IMG_4322