I have asked Josh Stephens from Community Baptist Church and Biblical Counseling Alliance to share some of his top resources in various areas of counseling. Over the following weeks I would like to share those, interspersed with some of my own. Please share your own below in the comments.

The order is alphabetical. Today we start with Addictions.



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Here is my review of Setting Captives Free, a valuable resource in daily transformation.

Science and Truth

The next time someone dismisses you with the “Only science gives reliable truth” canard, ask if he wants you to take his statement as fact or simply as unsubstantiated opinion. If fact, ask what testable scientific evidence led him to his conclusion. As it turns out, this claim is not a fact of science. It is a philosophical assertion about science that itself cannot be proven by the scientific method and would therefore be unreliable, according to this approach.

– Koukl, Tactics

City Visit: Ourense

Awhile back we visited Ourense with some friends interested in evaluating possible church planting possibilities. The city is located about 2 hours away in Galicia, the province between us and the Atlantic. We took the day to walk around the city, ask questions, visit shared spaces, pray, and imagine opportunities. Here are some of the pictures from the city.

Center Plaza



Side streetIMG_1652




My awesome parking skillsIMG_1684





Here are some photos from our week with the Firstlook group. We were able to show them around El Bierzo, see how we are working in our community, give them insight into cross cultural ministry, and see them connect with our friends here.



Village Visit: Secret

While looking at a map of El Bierzo we came across a monastery which we had not visited yet and was fairly close. We decided to make an adventure of it with Nikki, an intern from the US. Things got a little suspicious as the GPS guided us off of the paved road and on to a rutted gravel road. For about a kilometer we worked our way up the washed out path and then came around a bend to see a beautiful stone settlement tucked away in the valley. A man was out working in the field and upon our interrogation he explained that the monastery, or what was left of it, was private, but we could walk around and look at it – under the agreement that we not tell anyone where it is! So…consider yourself not told.

Not only did Domingo allow us to walk around, but he gave us a tour, explained the history as he heard it when his father purchased the property when Domingo was a little boy. He showed us the ways in which his farm is adapting to the monastery walls, and even gave Tanzen an antique cowbell that had been sitting in his work shed since he was a boy.

We finished the tour with a picnic in the upper meadow overlooking the El Bierzo valley. It was a great day of religious, historical, and cultural learning which I doubt we will ever forget.