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John Stott and Josh Harris on preparing sermons – a good outline here F.L.E.E.—A Strategy for Pursuing Sexual Purity – fill yourself with Christ; lock out the lies; exchange lies for truth; expose yourself to the light 9 Reasons You Can Face Anything: The one thing … Read More

Twinkle, twinkle, litte faith.

“George Buttrick… was [from 1927 to 1954] pastor of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York. One week he had been off on a speaking engagement and was flying back to New York City. On the plane he had … Read More

Avoiding Convenience: A Word to Hymn Writers

The Rabbit Room — Avoiding Convenience: A Word to Hymn Writers: I have found this site, The Rabbit Room, to be a meeting place for thoughtful artists (including some would-be astronauts).Fernando Ortega has some timely words concerning consumers and church … Read More

Running Partners, Part 2

During the past two runs I listened to a theological debate on eschatology. I really enjoyed it, although the second hour got pretty heated. I may be different, but I really enjoy listening to theological debates where people get spirited. … Read More


Here is a great Video Post with Don Carson, interviewed by Mark Driscoll. If you have a chance it is worth watching/listening too.