101 Peregrinos

This is my second year running the 101 Peregrinos Race. Thankfully it went a lot better than last year! I was able to finish the 104 km race in 13 hours and 50 minutes. A lot of thanks goes out … Read More

101 Peregrinos Race report

April 29, 2017 I ran the 101 Peregrinos Ultramarathon in El Bierzo. Here is a review of the race.¬† I am a runner because I love exploring, and running enables me to see more. I am an ultra runner because … Read More


While Dad was here we had some great weather for running in the valley. We also were able to participate in a 10k for Proyecto Hombre, a rehabilitation center in our valley where Jon volunteers. Dad took 2nd in his … Read More


On Saturday we ran our first race here in Spain. It was a race to bring attention to those who have Parkinsons. Observations: Gaspar is much faster than we are. Tanzen loves to blow her whistle to “cheer” us on. … Read More

Superior 100

I thought I would answer a few of the FAQ’s which have been circling: How long was it? 103.3 miles, but it is called a 100 miler. I don’t know why either. Why did you run a race that long? … Read More