Village visit

On our way back from an errand we decided to visit a village which we hadn’t been to. We met a really nice couple who showed us around their grove of chestnut trees, pointed out routes to hike, and even sent us home with a bag of their garden potatoes.


Everyone allows Tanzen to take a picture of themIMG_4905

This place has not grown smaller…

But it is not Caer Dallben which has grown smaller. You have grown bigger. That is the way of it.“ [L. Alexander, The Chronicles of Prydain – The Book of Three]

This quote from the end of Taran’s journey has a lot of truth in it. His home, Caer Dallben did not seem the same after his return, but it was him who had changed, not his homeland.

It was not that he had outgrown Caer Dallben, but he had grown up. One does not necessitate the other. The more we grow, and change, and mature, the more we are able to love our roots.