Estar en Babia

There is a phrase some Spanish children hear all the time in school, “¿Estás en Babia?” It is our equivalent of, “Are you daydreaming?” “To be in Babia” became an easy way to describe someone who was someplace else mentally. … Read More

Our mountain picnic

Every year in April we take a trip up to one of our favorite picnic spots in the mountains. It is about a 35 minute drive from our home to this overlook.

The Paradox

Instead of looking at books and pictures about the New Testament I looked at the New Testament. There I found an account, not in the least of a person with his hair parted in the middle or his hands clasped … Read More


During a short trip to the Picos de Europa, I found a village I want to spend more time in. It sits alongside a reservoir which has now covered several villages. The mountains rise up from the turquoise water, inviting … Read More

Open House

Back in December we had an open house for our friends and neighbors. Here are a few photos of what we did.