Living Abroad

Sometimes trying to live abroad is like trying to do everything with your legs tied together. Just when you pick up speed you have to change direction and you fall on your face.

  • Crystal

So, when you talk to the immigrant next door, let them know you recognize the paperwork/language/culture/homesickness is hard and you appreciate them going through all this effort.


Let me introduce you to our valley

Various friends introduced us to our valley throughout our first year in Spain. We were invited, encouraged to visit, and physically taken to villages and sites around our amazing valley, El Bierzo. This photo book includes photos from 25 of those villages and sites.

Let me introduce you to our valley…

PDF (free): Un Año En El BierzoUn Año en El Bierzo

iTunes iBook (free): Un Año En El Bierzo

Kindle ($2.99 due to rules): Un Año En El Bierzo


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We just got back from a trip. It was our 10 Year Anniversary/Tanzen Birthday/One Year in Spain Celebration. When we asked our Spanish tutor where she would go on vacation, her immediate response was “Lanzarote!”. So that is where we went. Lanzarote is an island in the Canary Islands, a territory of Spain, and easy access from our part of the world.

The island is basically a string of volcanos – inactive (I think?!) and makes you wonder if you landed on Mars. We had a great time visiting the different sites and spending time talking about our past 10 years (of marriage), 4 years (of Tanzen), and 1 year (in Spain).

Here are some pictures from our trip. The rest you can see here.