No matter where 

It is easy to romanticize life overseas for those who have yet to live that life. And it is easy to romanticize life in your passport country when you are living that overseas life. I make both mistakes. Neither is … Read More

An open letter

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Spain, It has been some time since our last written correspondence, but I would like to bring to your attention a couple of items which are of grave importance. I apologize that you have had … Read More


One of the many new holidays in which we have participated was the celebration of Reyes. January 6th is the customary recognition of the Magi who visited Jesus according to Matthew 2. In Ponferrada, instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, … Read More


Disclaimer: With our posts on this blog we try to be honest, but also lighthearted. No one wants to read a pity party or feel depressed after reading something. This post is more honest and a lot less lighthearted. The … Read More

Pickin’ Berries

We went out an picked berries along the river on Friday. Tanzen then handed them out on our way back to our house. Thankful there were still some left for us to eat with ice-cream by the time we got … Read More