On the sea

We took a day to visit the sea with our friends. My goal was to find a petrified sharks tooth. This is how the story unfolded.

Beach Houses


Sifting through shellsIMG_4236

Building castles in the sandIMG_4240

Me: “How do you find sharks teeth?”IMG_4246

Her: “You just look for little slivers…like the one you just about stepped on.”


Her: “See, that was a sharks tooth that you missed. I will now add it to my collection and leave you green with envy.”IMG_4264

Her: “Let me count out all the sharks teeth I have found today in front of you so that you feel incompetent.”IMG_4266

Me: “Thank you.” *walks away with head down*



* Conversation may or may not have extra dialogue added.

** She didn’t really say that. But I did feel like that.


A couple weeks ago we were able to take a trip to visit friends in England. The Houghtens are working along the coast in Essex and we were able to spend time with them, speak and present in the church where they are ministering, and experience some English food and culture!

Tea Time


Hunting through Used Book stores.IMG_4124


Hitching a RideIMG_3187


Camino Day 3

Day three on the Camino. See day one and day two.

We had another day of walking, and kept the distance to another 17 km. We hiked from Gonzar to Palas de Rey.

Still feeling happy after two days of hiking!IMG_0092

Fun with friends!IMG_0098

Getting a stamp everywhere we stoppedIMG_0187

One guy’s name means “10,000 lakes” in Korean and the other guy is from “the land of 10,000 lakes”IMG_0197

Good morning!IMG_3936


Hiking when the sun comes upIMG_3941

Proof we did the Camino togetherIMG_3950

Telling storiesIMG_3966

Galician LandscapeIMG_3972

A Bug’s LifeIMG_3978

Watching the pilgrimsIMG_3982

Lost in timeIMG_3984

We finished with everyone who started, and picked up a couple along the way!IMG_4003

Camino day 2

To read the explanation and see the photos of the first day on the Camino this year, click here.

After we hiked over 30 km the first day, we learned our lesson and did 17 km the second day. We had a lot more time to sit and talk, drink coffee, and “smell the roses” (although I prefer to “eat the blackberries”). Here are photos from day 2.


A misty morningIMG_3877

The concept of the Camino is fairly easy – follow the arrows.IMG_3881Beautiful pueblo homes


Getting rechargedIMG_3892

Group picture!IMG_3900


Tanzen was kind enough to hold Kate’s hand to keep Kate from fallingIMG_6871

One of Tanzen’s favorite things- getting stamps in her Pilgrim PassportIMG_4015

Ready for lunch!IMG_0085


Our family participated in a hike with our Conversational English Group on the Camino De Santiago. The route is a 500 mile trek across the Iberian Peninsula which normally takes about 40 days to do, but we only did 3 days of it. Last year Crystal and Tanzen both participated in the first day and took a bus home, but this year they stayed with us the whole time. It was a great time for conversation, friendship building, and cultural exposure!


The first day we walked from Samos to Ferreiros, a full 30 kilometers. Tanzen did quite a bit of the walking (with the help of Crystal, and gracious friends!) and by the time we arrived at our hostel, we were exhausted!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.29.35 AM

We had a great group with us!


The path is a mixture: gravel, single track, rocky, smooth, pavement, and stone.IMG_0149

What keeps the pilgrim moving? Take a guess.IMG_3829

We count this as science class.IMG_3834

A church along the wayIMG_3840

Enjoying the walkIMG_3849

Learning new whistling tricksIMG_3858

Pulling (or pushing) her own weightIMG_3859

Constantly changing landscapeIMG_3866

By the end of the trip our stroller was a moving flower shopIMG_6807

Medieval Fair

In Minnesota I remember going to Pioneer Days and a Renaissance Fair. Here in Spain we seem to stumble across a Medieval Fair in different places. This one was a great experience for Tanzen to try out different crafts. My biggest mistake was the partially cooked octopus at the end (still gag thinking about it).


A Coruña: part 2

Part 1 photos

While we were in A Coruña we took some time to visit an aquarium, something we don’t have access to in our city. Here are some pictures from our time.


What weird creaturesIMG_3259

Someone was not happy that we made her stand next to the glass while the shark passed.IMG_3276

Entering the NautilusIMG_3278

In case you were lostIMG_3283

Roman LighthouseIMG_3284

Feeding the sealsIMG_3288


We celebrated by eating…fish and chips.IMG_3297

City Visit: Ourense

Awhile back we visited Ourense with some friends interested in evaluating possible church planting possibilities. The city is located about 2 hours away in Galicia, the province between us and the Atlantic. We took the day to walk around the city, ask questions, visit shared spaces, pray, and imagine opportunities. Here are some of the pictures from the city.

Center Plaza



Side streetIMG_1652




My awesome parking skillsIMG_1684