Medieval Fair

In Minnesota I remember going to Pioneer Days and a Renaissance Fair. Here in Spain we seem to stumble across a Medieval Fair in different places. This one was a great experience for Tanzen to try out different crafts. My biggest mistake was the partially cooked octopus at the end (still gag thinking about it).


A Coruña: part 2

Part 1 photos

While we were in A Coruña we took some time to visit an aquarium, something we don’t have access to in our city. Here are some pictures from our time.


What weird creaturesIMG_3259

Someone was not happy that we made her stand next to the glass while the shark passed.IMG_3276

Entering the NautilusIMG_3278

In case you were lostIMG_3283

Roman LighthouseIMG_3284

Feeding the sealsIMG_3288


We celebrated by eating…fish and chips.IMG_3297

City Visit: Ourense

Awhile back we visited Ourense with some friends interested in evaluating possible church planting possibilities. The city is located about 2 hours away in Galicia, the province between us and the Atlantic. We took the day to walk around the city, ask questions, visit shared spaces, pray, and imagine opportunities. Here are some of the pictures from the city.

Center Plaza



Side streetIMG_1652




My awesome parking skillsIMG_1684




Protestant Cemetery

Last week we had a team meeting in a village about 2 hours away. While there we were able to visit one of the only (perhaps the only) Protestant cemeteries in Spain.

To North American ears this could be confusing, but the reality is that multiple factors (including the Counter Reformation, Franco, etc) have made it difficult in the past for non-catholic believers in Spain to live a life of religious freedom.