Running the Camino

I am linking to a few posts I have over on my running site since they are about my Dad and I running on the Camino. Running the Camino: What we did Running the Camino: What we packed Running the Camino: What … Read More

To the sea

We were able to go to Manilva, Spain for our Spain Team Retreat. There were a lot of fun parts, but one highlight was going out whale watching!

Estar en Babia

There is a phrase some Spanish children hear all the time in school, “¿Estás en Babia?” It is our equivalent of, “Are you daydreaming?” “To be in Babia” became an easy way to describe someone who was someplace else mentally. … Read More

12 Years

For our twelve year anniversary we took a short trip to Gijón, a city 2 1/2 hours north of us. We had beautiful weather and greatly enjoyed the landscape! If you would like to see more photos, click here.