Iglesia en Musa

One big difference we saw while on this last trip was the new church building in Musa. A few months before we left Peru in 2008 the church began the demolition of the old building. Because of poor construction and dangerous conditions, the church building needed to be rebuilt.
As we entered Musa three years later we were able to see the fruits of their labor. The church now has the sanctuary on the first floor (allowing the elderly to participate), better lighting, and more space.

The second floor is another open area large enough to have Jovenes meetings, Bible studies, or group Sunday School classes. It also contains the pastor’s office and nursery area.

The third floor is the pastor’s home, which has three bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom, and a dining room/living room area. This was especially helpful since someone was around at all times (in a culture where an unguarded house is open game for any thief).

The fourth floor has several more rooms, a kitchen for the church, and a laundry area. We are thankful for all the brothers and sisters in Christ who gave of their time, money, and effort to see this new church building realized.