Peru Update 6/5

Travel Status – We are back in Brainerd, MN, and it doesn’t seem real. The past nine months have been a whirlwind of exciting, testing, and learning times. We truly thank God for all that He has done in us these past months. He is to be praised.
Future Schedule – We will be heading to North Dakota and then Montana for the next two weeks, and then back to Brainerd. Starting in July we hope to begin looking for a church, apartment, and jobs in Minneapolis. We will be starting our Master’s programs this August at Central Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN. Crystal will be pursuing her Master’s of Counseling and Seth will be pursuing his Master’s of Divinity. These past few months have deeply ingrained in our minds the absolute necessity of continued studies, and we believe that the next step the God has for us is studying at Central.
Prayer Requests – We want to praise God for 1. all that He has taught us these past nine months, 2. His great blessings of safety and health, 3. His abundant provision of our daily needs, 4. the friendships we were able to cultivate. We also request your prayers in regards to 1. Decisions regarding ministry plans in a local church, 2. Apartment and job searches, 3. Our future studies.
The Peru Side – You never know what you really have until you don’t have it. When a part of your everyday life is suddenly taken from you, there is a void there that continues to remind you of what you lack. On returning to the States we were able to see that void once again filled. There are no drinking fountains in Peru. Drink up.