Games, Games, Games

One of our favorite things to do with our Peruvian family and friends is to play games. We played Uno, Dos, SkipBo, Pass the Pigs, Dutch Blitz, Pictionary Telephone, Storytime, basketball (21, around the world, Chancho), and soccer.

 We played “Chancho” – the spanish version of Pig with Tito and Paola. In South America it is common to see a Loza in every neighborhood, a cement pad marked for Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. It is normally the center of the community for sports and recreation.

Kimberly’s favorite phrase during Uno: “La venganza es dulce.” You can google that one if you are interested.

 Our games of Pictionary Telephone always resulted in strange stories and even stranger pictures! One thing I did notice is that Peruvians are definitely more talented than me in the artistic category! (I guess that isn’t saying much)