You said WHAT?! The “Concerned” Put-down

Sometimes people say the strangest things, and it is not until afterwards that you think of a good response. This post will equip you to respond to one of those sayings.

The “Concerned” Put-Down

I like to think of this little dandy as being offered by an individual who really is trying to show a form of concern, but in the process pokes you in the eye. You normally don’t catch this until too late, but now you will be prepared.



  1. What it looks like: “You look REALLY tired today, are you doing ok?”
  2. Translated:
    • “The bags under your eyes are so distracting I can hardly carry on a conversation with you.”
    • “You must be in over your head judging how AWEFUL you look today.”
  3. Appropriate* Response
    • “No, I naturally have saggy eyes.”
    • “Crazy! I was about to say the same thing to you.”
    • “I was up all night praying for your soul. What were you doing last night with your precious hours?”
    • “Yes, actually, I am. I really need help cleaning my house/finishing a paper/doing laundry/washing our dog/sorting my bug collection alphabetically by latin species name. And since you are volunteering to help, you can come over tonight at 7 pm. Bring protective eyewear.


  • Alternative – Why don’t we stop making the “concerned” put-down and just ask how people are doing.


*”Appropriate” is based on the “Seth Standard of Sarcasm”


Let me know – What do you say?