Good Books

Here are some of the Good Books of 2015 and who I would recommend them to: – Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Minds by Jen Wilken Who should read it? Those … Read More

Proof: God’s Grace

Point: The doctrines of God’s grace are not a club with which to beat people, nor a logical sequence to foster our argument, but a window through which we may see more clearly our great God. Book: Montgomery, Daniel, and … Read More

Living Christ

I recently read Robert L. Peterson’s biography entitled, “Robert Chapman: A Biography”. It was a challenging book, making me consider my own life. You can read the review here. Here are several excerpts from the book: “After hearing his first sermons some of … Read More

The Spirit and our Prayers

One of my favorite devotional authors is Joe Thorn. Both of his books, Experiencing the Trinity and Note to Self, have been impacting. I would highly recommend them as they are Christ centered, short meditations for daily consumption. This chapter … Read More