One year/Un año

Crystal and I have been married for one year, and my how the time went buy! I can’t even guess how many miles we have driven, walked, ridden in a bus, flown, pedaled, or fallen. We are so thankful that God has kept us safe.
For the weekend of our anniversary we were able to go to Huaraz, a town in the middle of the Andes at the base of one of Peru’s tallest mountains. We took an overnight bus on Thursday night, and arrived in Huaraz about 5:30 Friday morning. We spent the weekend talking, walking, exploring, and dreaming. Some say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, others say it is the most enjoyable, I don’t know if I believe either one. I think our first year of marriage was my best yet, but I know that this coming year will be better! We were able to spend a lot of time talking about what we have learned, how we want to grow, where God is working in our lives, and what we are thankful for. We also sat down and wrote out hedges we are going to put up to guard our marriage. We have seen too many people fall to just sit back and hope everything works out for us. We live in an age where Hollywood stars can play any role but can’t keep a relationship afloat, athletic heroes can wow a stadium but can’t stick with their spouse, political figures can sweet talk the people but can’t stay faithful, and even our spiritual leaders can preach a great message but can’t back it up with their life. We have seen how Satan has attacked the family, and are making it a point to fight back. There are so many places where we are able to compromise, do what feels good, and ruin our marriage.
I have been so blessed with a godly woman who wants the best for me and our marriage. I really thank God for the year we have had together, and pray that He will allow our next year to be better.