First 5k

Tanzen ran her first 5k last weekend. She says she liked it, but has some more training to do for the next one. Starting line Finish line Post race victory celebration

What a bunch of crazies.

Ultramarathon: Pushed to the limit | This article was passed on by my dad. The best line is, “Dropping out of a race ‘is frustrating, but it’s just part of the deal,’ said John Taylor, of Minneapolis, who completed … Read More

Duel In The Sun

Title: Duel In The Sun: Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley, and America’s Greatest Marathon by John Brant Product Details Paperback: 203 pages Publisher: Rodal Point: The greatest marathon that has ever been run on American soil by Americans was the 1982 … Read More

The Turkey Trot

This morning we were supposed to run the Turkey Trot 5k race. However, because it was only 4 degrees F, they canceled the race (see previous post). To spite them we ran it anyway. It was cold.  Crystal did a … Read More

Chasing down deer

I read in a book awhile back that it is possible for a human to run longer and harder than a deer. Supposedly this is a hunting tactic which has been used in various tribes on the African continent (whether … Read More

Running Apparel

I hate being cold. The worst part is cold hands and feet, and these are common when you are out running for 1 1/2-2 hours. Knowing this, my mom made me a pair of mittens made from a wool sweater … Read More