Walking the Ruta del Padre Sarmiento (Day 2)

We started checking off segments of a 200 km hike which traces the coastline of the region of Pontevedra. It has been a very unique experience with a variety of terrain and some beautiful views! This segment took us from Sanxenxo to the beaches of O Grove.

If you missed it, you can watch the first segment here.

You can watch the second segment here.

Walking the Camino: Variante Espiritual (Day 3)

We took a few days to walk a different route of the camino in order to talk to pilgrims and get a better idea of options for friends that visit.

The first day was over 13 miles of walking, you can see that if you click here.

The second day we walked even farther and ended up seeing the police chase drug smugglers…sort of. You can watch that here.

The third day we took a boat across the bay and up the river and saw schools of sting rays. You can watch that below.