Events from 2014: Spain Vision Trip – Bonding

We took off for the first half of November to visit our coworkers, Jon and Lorena Templeton, in Spain. Our goals were to: 1) Spend time with the Templetons; 2) Help them move into their new apartment in Ponferrada; 3) Strategize with other Christian leaders on the best way to begin ministry in Ponferrada.

We had a very beneficial trip and greatly enjoyed our time with our coworkers. We walked together, ate together, got soaked in the rain together, got sick together, all very important things. Their family has grown the last several months, so it was great to get to know their new daughter as well.

One lesson I learned on this trip was that once a child becomes mobile, trans-atlantic flights are sort of like keeping a ferret still for an 8 hour church service.