Camino day 2

To read the explanation and see the photos of the first day on the Camino this year, click here.

After we hiked over 30 km the first day, we learned our lesson and did 17 km the second day. We had a lot more time to sit and talk, drink coffee, and “smell the roses” (although I prefer to “eat the blackberries”). Here are photos from day 2.


A misty morningIMG_3877

The concept of the Camino is fairly easy – follow the arrows.IMG_3881Beautiful pueblo homes


Getting rechargedIMG_3892

Group picture!IMG_3900


Tanzen was kind enough to hold Kate’s hand to keep Kate from fallingIMG_6871

One of Tanzen’s favorite things- getting stamps in her Pilgrim PassportIMG_4015

Ready for lunch!IMG_0085