Our family participated in a hike with our Conversational English Group on the Camino De Santiago. The route is a 500 mile trek across the Iberian Peninsula which normally takes about 40 days to do, but we only did 3 days of it. Last year Crystal and Tanzen both participated in the first day and took a bus home, but this year they stayed with us the whole time. It was a great time for conversation, friendship building, and cultural exposure!


The first day we walked from Samos to Ferreiros, a full 30 kilometers. Tanzen did quite a bit of the walking (with the help of Crystal, and gracious friends!) and by the time we arrived at our hostel, we were exhausted!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.29.35 AM

We had a great group with us!


The path is a mixture: gravel, single track, rocky, smooth, pavement, and stone.IMG_0149

What keeps the pilgrim moving? Take a guess.IMG_3829

We count this as science class.IMG_3834

A church along the wayIMG_3840

Enjoying the walkIMG_3849

Learning new whistling tricksIMG_3858

Pulling (or pushing) her own weightIMG_3859

Constantly changing landscapeIMG_3866

By the end of the trip our stroller was a moving flower shopIMG_6807