July Prayer Letter

Time is flying by here in Peru!! So much has been going on, and I would like to update all of you on some things happening here in Peru.
My Spanish is improving some, and I am able to communicate much better than before, but I still have a long way to go. There are times that I can understand and speak like I would like to, and there are tough days that I feel like I can’t say much of anything. Please continue to pray for language learning.
For a while I was sort of disappointed or discouraged with the lack of contacts I had been able to make that could lead to sharing the Gospel with people. I have been able to pass out many tracts, but I wanted to be able to do something more. The Lord knew what I was feeling and His timing is perfect. He has blessed me with three girls with whom I can become friends. Through this I pray I will be able to share the Gospel with them.
I am beginning to help a girl named Noemi learn English. Lord-willing this will be a good witnessing opportunity. I have invited her to come to Jovenes, the youth group at church. Please pray for Noemi and please pray that God will give me the words to say and that He would work in her heart also.
I am also building relationships with a couple of girls named Anabel and Auntonela. I met them when they asked me to play volleyball. We have doing some things together since then, and I have been able to give them each a tract. They came to Jovenes on Saturday and they enjoyed it. Pray that they would continue to attend youth group and that they would be able to come to church or Sunday School. Pray that they would accept Christ as their personal Savior.
I work at a kid’s club every Saturday, and for the month of July I am working at a place called Upis. There are probably around twenty kids that attend this kid’s club. The kids have easily made their way into my heart, and I love working with them. I am able to help with things like games and songs and taking attendance. When I am able to speak more Spanish, it is possible that I will have the chance to teach the lessons.
I work in the nursery on Sundays for Sunday school or with the Chispitas. The Chispitas are the youngest Sunday school class. I am able to be part of the church choir also. We sing on Sunday mornings.
Classes are going well. We have already completed three block courses. Please pray that the Lord will give me the desire to continue studying when there are so many other people to talk to here and things to do! It is hard at times, because I would rather be building relationships with people down here than doing homework! The classes have been very good, though, and I am very thankful for them. I am learning a lot.
Please continue to pray for me about all of these things I mentioned, and for the funds that I need to come in. Thanks you so much for your support!