June Prayer Letter

Hello! It is hard to believe that I have been in Peru for a whole month now! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. Prayer makes such a difference!
Much of this first month was spent getting used to being down here, taking classes, and trying to learn the language. I am getting to know the family that I live with better, although the language is a barrier at times. Pray that I will learn Spanish quickly so that I can communicate with others and especially communicate the Gospel!
God is using this time in my life to grow and mature me. He is showing me many different things in my life that I can let Him conform to His image. At times I am bothered because I can’t successfully say everything that I want to say because of the language barrier, but I believe that His timing is perfect and He has reasons that things are the way they are.
One positive thing about being a “gringa” as they call us, is that it opens a lot of doors to talk to people. People want to know why we are here and why we are trying to learn their language. A lot of kids here are learning a few English words in school, so they are interested in talking with the people who can speak English. Pray that God would use this avenue to reach people.
Despite the fact that I can’t communicate fully, God is using me anyway. Through the Spanish I know, I am able to hand out tracts and invite people to church. I can befriend them so that they might possibly attend church and later get saved! Pray that some of those contacts that we have made will be lasting. Pray that people would come to church and that people would be saved after reading the tracts.
I can see God working, the other day my roommate and I were out walking and we met some kids. We invited them to the kid’s club on Saturday and five or six of them came. Pray that they would continue to come and that we would be able to reach them for Christ.
God is showing me right now that it is His strength that is perfect, not my own. I must be a vessel in His hands and let Him do what He wants to with me. Please pray that I would always be willing to do what He wants me to do and to do it with the heart of a servant.
God is so amazing and I am so grateful for His strength and love! Also, I am thankful for the knowledge and comfort of knowing that His way is perfect and He knows what is best. Some of you may know, but my Grandma has cancer and the doctors are giving her a very short amount of time to live. Only God knows what will happen, but I do ask that you would pray for my family through this time.
Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! Please continue to pray for me, the ministry down here, and for the rest of my financial support to come in! Praise God every day for His strength and His perfect plan!