Never trust a Moroccan camel

As our week of meetings was winding down, a group from the team decided to take the ferry across the Straight to visit Morocco. It would be our first time in Africa. I will keep the story short, only including snippets from my journal, photos, and a video of Crystal and Tanzen falling off a camel, but believe me, there is much to be said.


Almost having the boat leave without you sounds romantic, but it is actually rather stressful.



Normally those who have freedoms don’t have to constantly remind people about them.



When bargaining, you aren’t even near a starting price until you are at half.




I like to call this little beauty the “Hearse-ulance”. If the medic doesn’t get you in time, it functions for the immediate funeral.


I never thought that I would have to hear, “Daddy, why did I fall off a camel?”



We survived Morocco. Barely.