Pocket Guide to the Papacy

How is that for a title?

Book: Chirico, Leonardo De. A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Papacy. Christian Focus Publications, 2015. Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.01.32 PM


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Point: The papacy is a global institution with incredible influence but no Scriptural support.

Path: The author helps the non-Catholic navigate the question of the Papacy by explaining its origins, its history, its influence, and its current manifestations.

Favorite Quote: “…the official titles of the Pope: ‘Bishop of Rome’ ‘Vicar of Jesus Christ’ ‘Successor of the prince of the Apostles’ (i.e. Peter) ‘Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church’ ‘Primate of Italy’ and ‘Archbishop and Metro-politan of the Roman Province’ ‘Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City’ ‘Servant of God’s servants’. This list of Papal titles is astonishing and covers various religious offices, political tasks and organizational responsibilities. Each title provides a different perspective on the Papal office, and taken as a whole they help one appreciate who the Pope is and what he does” (Kindle, 97).

Stars:  4 out of 5

It would be worth another read and I would recommend it to someone who:

  • Is or was Catholic
  • Has an interest in Historical Theology
  • Is going to visit Rome