That was interesting…

It was Friday night at 8:50, and we found out that the next day would be a holiday, meaning that all the shops would be closed. That gave us ten minutes to do all our shopping before the stores closed for Friday night. We were having company over on Saturday and we run out of food on Fridays. Awesome…
So Saturday morning I went out to forage. What could I find to fill our pantry? We actually thought for a moment that we might have to serve cereal to our guests that evening, except we were almost out of cereal as well! I walked down to the mercadillo to see if anyone was open, and found one older lady who was cleaning out her musty storage area.
“Can I buy any of these vegetables?” I asked, pointing at several small piles of produce.
I ended up buying peppers, oranges, potatoes, and tomatoes, which was great. However, the whole process was part frightening and part hilarious.

Our dear benefactor would throw a bunch of vegetables into a bag (and I emphasis “throw”) and then use an ancient scale, followed up by more tossing into the bag. Another older gentleman who was caught in the lurch, but should have known better since he is from Ponferrada, told her, “careful!”
“No, no. It doesn’t hurt them.”

*The two of us just stare at each other.*

He asked for 10 kilos of potatoes and she weighed out 13 kilos for good measure. He paid her for 10.
I bought a bag of oranges and then she threw some rotten ones in as a “present.”

I walked away laughing and promising myself I would never again miss a holiday.