…and it was raining.

One of the pleasant surprises about living in Spain is the grocery delivery. If you spend a set amount of money on purchases, certain stores will deliver to your apartment for free. This is a great deal if you don’t have a vehicle and you also have a three year old in tow.
The store that offers this delivery is the Spanish equivalent to a Super Walmart, and so they carry most items. We decided to capitalize on this service when we had to buy folding chairs for the visitors we are having in our home. We bought out their stock of chairs, and still had some purchases to make in order to reach the minimum delivery amount. We wandered the store until we found enough items to raise our purchasing price and then headed to the checkout. It was there that we were told that they only deliver groceries, and not folding chairs.
So we walked out of the store and into the rain. I had four folding chairs under my arms and water dripping from my glasses while Crystal had a bag of nonessential items and a small person in a stroller who really, really wanted us to know that she was hungry.

Lesson: Check before check out.