Tips to turn “Travel” into “Adventure”

The problem with traveling is that it can get tedious. We have put on plenty of miles in the last 15 months, and miles can be boring…unless you plan. If you want to turn your ordinary road trip into something memorable, follow these tried-and-true steps.


1. Play Russian roulette with gas station bathrooms.” There will be another option closer to the highway!” Let that be your motto no matter what tears are shed or verbal abuse given from your passengers.


2. Only look down at your gas gauge once every hundred miles or so. The anticipation of wondering when the light came on is exhilarating.


3. Drive late at night after a heavy meal of a Culver’s meal basket which leaves you in a grease coma.


4. Drive INTO the storms that look like the coming apocalypse.


5. Store water bottles, small toys, or assorted Tupperware under the drivers seat. That way when you try to come to a quick stop or accelerate into traffic they roll around and get stuck under your pedals. Awesome.


6. Forget semi-important items at home, such as passports, presentation materials…or your shoes. Don’t ask.


Remember, to fail to plan is to plan to fail.