Lessons from Deputation

We have been on deputation for 13 months now. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite lessons learned this deputation:

  • Tonight we asked the kids, “where do you think a missionary might live?” One answer from the 4-5 year olds was “the zoo.” Thank you.
  • A packed car for a week at camp is like a tube of toothpaste. Once the stuff is out, there is no way you are getting it all back in.
  • Even if I keep smiling a fake smile, Crystal knows when we come inches from a car accident on wet highways…mostly because of my screaming.
  • Apparently Iowa has no cell reception…anywhere. 
  • While people may think your tears mean that you are emotionally moved by your own missions presentation, it is generally best not to get a mosquito in the eye right before you speak.
  • A gentleman came up to me yesterday afternoon, smiled, quoted the points of the other speaker at the event, and then said, “I only remember the good ones!” Ummm, thanks?
  • When you promise people candy for answering questions correctly during your presentation, some will demand it as their pound of flesh.
  • Sometimes it seems like the whole world is out to get you during a meal with church members who wanted to eat with you. At that point, we have to just laugh at the foibles.
  • The best way to finish off a missions conference is not by having your toddler throwing up in the middle of the night, and then screaming when you have to give her a shower while your hosts are trying to sleep. I think there are better ways.
  • Missionary display tables, specifically bright colored flags draped across it, make excellent napkins for cleaning up chocolate cake.
  • You never know who you will meet when you walk down to breakfast in a hotel. Make sure you are fit to converse.
  • Toddlers possess the superpower of being able to extract cookies and candy from any grandparent in the room.
  • Mondays are bad days to make big decisions.
  • It is so refreshing to be in a church that knows you well, and still likes you.
  • People want to give to God and his work more than I could have guessed.
  • Contentment is not found in circumstances, but in Christ.