Events from 2014: Ordination


At the beginning of May a council was called to evaluate my doctrinal beliefs. Men from all over Minnesota came to read my doctrinal statement and ask me questions. There were pastors, teachers, missionaries, elementary school friends, college friends, seminary friends, and others. Upon their recommendation, Liberty Baptist ordained me on June 15th, 2014.

Seth Ord Pastors Three men spoke at the service, Jeff Straub, Don Odens, and David Grotzke. The reason each of them took part in the service was because they all have played a large role in my formation as a man and pastor (not to mention Crystal and I have lived in each of their basements for over a month at a time!)IMG_3631 We thank God for the experience we have received over the years and the way he has shaped our lives.IMG_1421 Edt