Events from 2014: Graduation

Things got somewhat hectic the past six months, so we are doing a little catch up. The next series of posts will be filling you in on the changes that have gone on in our life.



Seth graduated with his ThM in May. That is a Masters of Theology and is designated as a teaching degree. He graduated in 2012 with his Masters of Divinity which is a 96 credit masters and the precursor to the ThM. We thought it would be a good idea to go on for additional education in order to better prepare us and add extra credibility to international schools we will be associated with in the coming years. IMG_1705

The program included postgraduate classes and then a thesis. Seth’s area of study involved “Partiality in the New Testament Assembly according to James 2:1-13.” It was a profitable study and a rigorous research, writing, and defending process…plus, he got a nice piece of paper at the end!


Personal note here: I am very thankful for all the sacrifices that Crystal has made over the last six years while I have studied at Central. She has read many papers, given up many hours, and limited her own desires so I could make it through. It was not easy, but she followed through. I thank God for her.