Cup of Tea with the Queen

Today we opted out of the long trip into London. We don’t really fancy spending so much time in transportation. We instead went to Windsor Castle which is located outside of London near Eaton College.

It is a residence of the Queen and spectacular fortress. We saw the Queen’s Dollhouse, the photo gallery with sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci, and many other amazing sites. Through the castle there were rooms upon rooms of huge paintings, silver furniture, elegant furnishings, and ancient relics. Under Queen Victoria the empire flurished and the pieces from India, Africa, Egypt and others attest to that fact. One of my favorite rooms was lined with huge paintings of those who had defeated Napolean in 1815.

Another impressive part of the castle was St. George’s Chapel. It is the burial place for King Henry VIII and others.
Some of the bonus features of the castle were the Rembrandt and Van Dyke paintings displayed. We also met a Beefeater (a term which began as a derogatory name given to the posh care which these special guards received in the service of their sovereign).
We made it back more quickly than the other days, met one of the neighboors who had stopped in for a visit, and then had an excellent supper of Indian food (we have heard that England has some of the top Indian food in the world).

(Crystal shooting an attacker)

On the road