The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows was written by Kenneth Grahame most likely as he lounged around the Thames near Pangbourne. We decided to take this route as we spent some time in the English countryside. 
Getting to the Thames involved crossing under the railway about a quarter mile from where we were staying. Normally we were running at this point desperately trying to catch the next service to London.
There are many old inns along the Thames which provide great places to stay or swing in for a bite to eat. This one, The Swan Inn, is from the 18th century and serves a pretty mean fish ‘n chips.

We greatly enjoyed our time just walking along the river, observing the river boats, ducks, and pastured animals. It is a far cry from London! I was amazed at how much of England is farm land and how little is actually city. I had always figured that if a country had been around for over two thousand years, there would be no forests or wild areas. In England there are!

That evening we enjoyed a great meal with Martin, Jennifer, and their daughter Helen. We had great fun talking about their travels (as they have been all over the world) and experiences. One of the more interesting conversations revolved around each of our favorite foods experienced in our travels. We didn’t eat Kidney Pie while in England, but I have a feeling that I could stomach it alright.