Ring Someone’s Bell – Part 2

Sunday afternoon we took a trip with Jennifer into the countryside to the Ridgeway, Britain’s oldest road. Our first stop was The Bell Inn. A small pub in Aldworth, The Bell Inn was built 1349 to host travelers who chose the high road over the lower, often difficult terrain of England. It was named for the Bell which was located just across the street.

Because of its antiquated nature, everything is extremely short and small. I had to duck everywhere I went.

I went with Jennifer on her suggestion, “the tongue sandwiches are pretty good here!” The taste was similar to salami, but the texture left something to be desired.

We followed up our tasty (use your imagination) meal with a walk along the Ridgeway. It was our only sunny day, so we soaked in the vitamin D and chilling wind as we shuffled along.

Our final stop was at the St. Mary The Virgin parish church, where supposedly there rests ancient giants. Some of the graves inside have men who are 7 feet tall.

Outside the church there is a thousand year old tree. It looked pretty ragged to me, but at a thousand years old, it deserves to be.