Exodus in 40: Thoughts on the second book of the Bible

I don’t consider these summaries but focus points.

You can read Genesis’ Focus Points here

Ex 1 To properly obey the king you must appropriately fear God (Ex1/1Pt2:17)
Ex 2 Sending a rescuer proves that God hears the outcries, feels the pain, and loves the lost (Ex2)
Ex 3 “The “”I Am”” needs no permission (Ex3/Jn8:58)”
Ex 4 When the LORD calls, a man’s weaknesses are not wounds but hands to hold more grace (Ex4/Acts9)
Ex 5 Ignoring Him and rejecting his messengers makes Him no less the King of the Universe (Ex5/Jn7)
Ex 6 When the LORD redeems, he does so with the strong hand of a just judge (Ex6/Eph2)
Ex 7 The heart of the king is in the hand of the LORD for he is the King of kings (Ex7/Prv21:1/Rev17:14)
Ex 8 Only those with hard hearts would fail to see His power over the natural world (Ex8/Mk4)
Ex 9 Our great God breaks hard hearts so we may see his glory (Ex9/Dan4/Acts0)
Ex 10 God uses hard hearts and incredible power to make lasting impressions of his glory (Ex10/Acts5/Rev19)
Ex 11 In judgment, to be counted as one of the LORD’s people is life, for the one who isn’t, death (Ex11/Matt25)
Ex 12 One’s life can only be spared by the perfect Lamb (Ex12/Jn1)
Ex 13 Only the LORD can release from slavery, and he does so with a strong arm (Ex13/Titus3)
Ex 14 Crushing the enemy ensures no chance of future enslavement (Ex14/1Cor15:54-55). Death is swallowed up in victory!
Ex 15 The LORD has triumphed and he will reign forever (Ex15/Rev19)
Ex 16 Bread lasts for a day, but the Bread of Life is for eternity (Ex16/Jn6)
Ex 17 Living in the desert drives one to life sustaining water (Ex17). Only One can make it last forever (Jn4/Rev7:17)
Ex 18 There is only one perfect Judge who judges both the living and the dead, Jesus Christ (Ex18/Acts10/Rev20)
Ex 19 Holy is the LORD (Ex19/Is6/Rev4)
Ex 20 Truly fearing God results not in running, but drawing near to learn and obey (Ex20/Mt14:22ff)
Ex 21 The LORD cares for the lowest in society (Ex21/Eph6/1Cor12:13)
Ex 22 How you use money reveals how you view the LORD (Ex22/Lk19/Eph4:28)
Ex 23 Follow me and you won’t regret it. Trust me (Ex23/Matt4)
Ex 24 He is a devouring fire. Fear, respect, and worship him (Ex24/Heb12:28-29)
Ex 25 The LORD yearns to dwell with man (Ex25/Jn1/1Cor3/Rev21)! How unworthy am I.
Ex 26 Many threads were woven to make the LORD a dwelling place (Ex26), but they were eventually replaced by skin and bone (Jn1:14)
Ex 27 Stained men would offer spotless lambs on a fiery altar to point to a Perfect Man on tree of death under the wrath of God (Ex27/Jn19)
Ex 28 A priest would stand between the LORD and the people (Ex28). The High Priest would one day sit down (Heb10:12)
Ex 29 The priests sacrificed in order to come before God while Jesus WAS the sacrifice to bring us before God (Ex29/Heb9)
Ex 30 A sweet incense rises before the LORD when the Gospel is preached (Ex30/2Cor2:15)
Ex 31 Rest is a demonstration of faith (Ex31/Lk8:25)
Ex 32 Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. We seek to worship anything but the true God (Ex32/Jer17/Acts17:16)
Ex 33 One man met with God in a tent (Ex33), now one Man makes it possible for any man (Heb7:25)
Ex 34 One man saw God’s glory in a cloud and his face changed(Ex34), now one Man has shown God’s glory to all and their hearts change (Jn1:14)
Ex 35 His Spirit fills His people to do His work for His glory (Ex35/Jn14:26/Acts1:8)
Ex 36 When the LORD moves his people to give there is more than enough (Ex36/Ps24/Acts2)
Ex 37 The LORD has no place for inferior work in his place of residence (Ex37-38/Jn14/Rev21)
Ex 38 The LORD has no place for inferior work in his place of residence (Ex37-38/Jn14/Rev21)
Ex 39 The high priest wore a precious stone and gold covering, while the great High Priest wore the sins of the world (Ex39/1Pet2:24)
Ex 40 And the LORD was with his people (Gen3:8/Ex40/Jn1/Rev21)


What are some cross references you would add?