The Season of War

Pausing a moment on the knoll
The sound of marching in the air
Moving the earth and shaking my soul.
They had blossomed in youthful blaze
And cast their shadow over land and man
But now their future began to fade.
The time had come to meet the foe
Who would shake their lofty perch.
And bury them below the coming snow.
I felt the blows as cool as night
Strike the ground around my feet
And saw them falling in the battle’s bite.
The limbs were bent in painful sway.
The trees inhaling the volley thick
Never to drink of sun’s bright ray.
The wind itself pushed them on
And moved them to give their lives
To color again the crimson lawn
Soldier falling from their ranks
In graceful glory they bowed their heads
As in a pool, they slowly sank.
Many as one or one alone
The fate was all the same
It was all this world has ever known.
Their dark uniforms stained blood red
Thousands falling all around
And only coldness surrounding them
Their once exalted state had been denied
And now they lie on steely ground.
Their long cold rest will not end
Some will cry and call their name
until they sleep beneath the land
from whence they once came.
Each fall I I feel the icy numb
Of winter approaching and taking life
I pray that spring will quickly come.