The Bible – A Bird´s Eye View

What? – I decided to read through the entire Bible chronologically in one week.
Why? – I wanted to get the Big Picture. I have spent alot of time studying parts of it, but needed to see it as a whole.
How? – I purposed to ask myself only one question as I was reading through the Bible – “What does this tell me about my God?”
How Long? – I spent roughly 35 hour working my way through. I dedicated 6 days to the O.T. and 1 day to the N.T. (roughly 1/4 of the Bible).
What I learned? – The one thought that hit me in every book, underlining the entire Bible, was that God wants to be recognized and worshipped for Who He is- the One and Only God.
Although I learned countless other lessons, and refreshed my Bible knowledge, this thought has shaken my view of my God, the Bible, and myself.
Now What? – After reading the Bible through I have a new and growing thirst to study God´s Word to know Him in a deeper way, so that it may be said of me as of Abraham- “He was a friend of God.” (James 2:23)