Running the Superior 50k

In May we were able to take a quick trip up to Lutsen, MN to see some friends and run a race. I (Seth) was able to complete the Superior Spring 50k, which was meant to be a qualifying race for another ultra this fall (I ended up qualifying for it before the race, so this was more for the experience). I finished a little faster than my goal which was great, but for me, time is irrelevant in ultras because a finish is a win.

This was the first race that both Crystal and Tanzen worked as my support crew. Crystal shuttled the team to the aid stations and Tanzen’s main purpose was to ring a bell she borrowed from another spectator and give me advice on hydration.

In her words, “Daddy runs fast. Tanzen runs fast. Mommy runs…errands.”

The race was more difficult than I was expecting because of the elevation gain/loss and the mud. I ended up having to strip off my shoes and socks part way through to clear the rocks from inside my socks, and the picture at the bottom shows what I went through the last third of the race.

This was one of my most enjoyable races because of the girls being with me! I look forward to the next one.