Amazing Grace by Metaxas

Book: Metaxas, Eric. Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery. 1st ed. HarperOne, 2007. 

Pages: 304

Point: God can do incredible things through seemingly small men.

Path: The author takes the reader through the success and failures of William Wilberforce, primarily his stand against slavery. In biographical fashion, Metaxas demonstrates that great feats are accomplished by men who know the truth, love the truth, and fight for the truth day after day.

Sources: Using his own ability to tell a story and weaving together various other primary and secondary sources, Metaxas creates an interesting and compelling picture of this incredible man.

Agreement: I was often moved emotionally as I heard of the wickedness of man and the grace of God seen through the eyes of Wilberforce. Multiple times I thanked God for enabling men such as he to continue to fight the evils of humanity in the face of such adversity. Nearly as often, I found myself praying for courage and tenacity as he had.

Format: I alternated between reading on the kindle and listening to the audible version. I would recommend both.

Personal App: As I see more and more the evils of society around me, am I willing to stand for truth by the grace of God?

Favorite Quote: “William Wilberforce’s conversion to Christianity in 1785— what he called his “Great Change”— was without question for him the central and most important event of his life. Indeed, as far as Wilberforce was concerned, faith in Jesus Christ was the central and most important thing in life itself, so it can hardly surprise us that sharing this faith with others was central and important to Wilberforce too. And so, everywhere he went, and with everyone he met, he tried, as best he could, to bring the conversation around to the question of eternity. Wilberforce would prepare lists of his friends’ names and next to the entries make notes on how he might best encourage them in their faith, if they had faith, and toward a faith if they still had none. He would list subjects he could bring up with each friend that might launch them into a conversation about spiritual issues. He even called these subjects and questions “launchers” and was always looking for opportunities to introduce them.”

Stars: 5 out of 5

A top shelf book – it would be worth another read and I would recommend it.

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