The Big Run

In September I finished my third Superior 100 Ultramarathon. I have written about the first finish here. The essential information is:

  • The race takes place on the Superior Hiking Trail.
  • It is 103 miles long.
  • Runners start on Friday morning and finish sometime on Saturday.
  • Four of us ran: Tim, Forrest, Jill, and myself.
  • Amanda and Jillian crewed for us (they made sure we had what we needed to treat our feet, our stomachs, our water bottles, and our emotional instability).
  • Nate and Dad came and paced us for the second half of the race (they made sure we were eating and drinking, didn’t follow our hallucinations, and kept moving when we wanted to die).
  • It took us 33 hours, 53 minutes, and 48 seconds to finish.
  • You do stop along the way to get food and water and use the bathroom.
  • If you stop too long you get kicked out of the race.
  • It is hard.
  • Most of it is not enjoyable.
  • All four of us finished.
  • When you finish you get a belt buckle to wear and a star patch to sew on your Superior hoodie.
  • I made a blood pact to never run it again (the blood mostly came from wiping out on the trail).

Below are pictures taken throughout the race from others who were running, crewing, or pacing.

To the finish line