Reading through the Bible

I am part of a men’s group which has been meeting for a Bible study each Saturday for years. Beginning the end of February we decided to try something different than our normal book by book studies. We decided to read through the entire Bible in a year, taking a chapter or two to talk through each Saturday morning over coffee. I have read through the Bible at various speeds, in different ways, and with different resources over the years, and each one has been beneficial. I have read through it in the normal order we find our Bibles today, at other times chronologically, one time extremely fast, and other years one chapter at a time.

With our men’s group we are reading through it chronologically, but I have paired it with some very helpful resources which I would recommend to every person interested in reading through the Scriptures. This plan has been very beneficial and worth starting this week if you are unsure of where to go next in your reading.

• We are following the YouVersion chronological plan (free app).

• After reading the Scripture passages, I then read any articles for the passages in Hard Sayings of the Bible.

• At the beginning of each book, I also read the corresponding chapter in Leland Ryken’s excellent resource, Literary Introductions to the Books of the Bible.

• I also frequently watch the corresponding video from BibleProject, or read their entry in the book, Bible Project Coffee Table Book.

This format does not add much time to the daily reading, but yields some great results. I have benefitted from it greatly and would encourage you to try. I would also like to hear if you have any other similar resources you regularly use. Anything you could recommend?