"Wind Chill" and Time-ology

One thing that frustrates me about winter is the whole concept of our
mythical “wind chill.” I wake up to the glorious Minneapolis weather
report, “Good morning! Snow again this evening, so expect 2-3 hour
delays on every major highway and back road. If you aren’t at work
already you may as well call in sick. Also, to top things off, the
temperature is coming in at a balmy -5 degrees this morning, but
because of the wind chill it feels more like -17. Have a good day at
Since when are we allowed to mess with the facts like that? Don’t toy
with my mind. What is the temperature!
Why don’t we do this in other areas as well? I plan to begin to write
my own health facts on the side of the cereal boxes. “Contains 75% of
all the needed calcium (but since we put it into such a nice package
it feels more like 88%&quot); Maybe I will have a special update on the
radio about the time. “Your timeologist here, checking in at 3:30 in
the afternoon on Friday but because of the frigid temperatures and
darkness it feels a lot more like 7:30…better get home and to bed!”