Deuteronomy in 34: Thoughts on the fifth book of the Bible


I don’t consider these summaries but focus points. The earlier books: GenesisExodus,Leviticus, Numbers

  • Deut1 Despite what we know and have experienced, we still often fail to trust the wisdom and goodness of God (Deut1/Ps119:68/Matt14:22ff)
  • Deut2 Seeing God’s works hardens some hearts and softens others (Deut2/Exod7/Josh2/John11)
  • Deut3 The LORD fights for his people, even against the greatest enemy (Deut3/John11/1Cor15)
  • Deut4 Unlike any other god, our God is near. So Listen and Do that you might experience Life (Deut4/Exod40/John1/John15)
  • Deut5 The living God is glorious, full of greatness, and fearful. When we remember that, we obey and have life (Deut5/Isa48/Mark9/Rev4)
  • Deut6 Do not put your God to the test by forgetting his goodness, his commandments, or his warnings. Love him over all (Deut6/Matt4/Mark12:28ff)
  • Deut7 Destroy the old idols or they will destroy you (Deut7/1Kgs11/Luke19)
  • Deut8 Don’t fool yourself, you did not earn God’s blessing (Deut8/Ps67/Eph2)
  • Deut9 As a consuming fire, the LORD draws his people and destroys his enemies (Deut9/2Thess1/Rev20:10/Rev21:23)
  • Deut10 In order to obey, my heart has to undergo a radical change (Deut10/Jer4:1-4/Rom2:28-29/Phil2:13)
  • Deut11 Love God with everything and you will find peace (Deut11/Mark12:30/Matt11:28)
  • Deut12 False gods are fickle, angry, and unsatisfied tyrants. You cannot serve the true God like you served them (Deut12/Ezek16/1Thess1:9-10)
  • Deut13 False prophets proclaim false gods with false hope. Reject them (Deut13/Matt24/1John4)
  • Deut14 Being adopted by the true God changes everything from how you eat to how you mourn to how you celebrate (Deut14/John1:12/1Pet1:13ff)
  • Deut15 Open your hands wide to the poor for you have been extravagantly blessed (Deut15/Matt6/Eph1/Jas2)
  • Deut16 Remembering is the motivation for worship (Deut16/Ps143/Luke22:7ff/1Cor11:17ff)
  • Deut17 The long awaited king will not multiply wives, horses, or wealth. He will love the LORD and his Word (Deut17/Ps1/Matt4/John17)
  • Deut18 A prophet would come who would speak the words of God. Listen to him (Deut18/John6:68/John17:8)
  • Deut19 Accidents, anger, planned hostility… we need a righteous Judge (Deut19/Isa33/Acts10:42)
  • Deut20 You do not need to fear, for the LORD your God is with you (Deut20/Ps105/Matt8:23-27)
  • Deut21 Sin makes everything complicated, but Someone’s dealing with the problem (Deut21/Luke19:10/Heb10)
  • Deut22-23 Love your neighbor as yourself (Deut22-23/Matt22:39/Jas2)
  • Deut24 Don’t withhold from the powerless, for their God hears them. Give freely (Deut 24/Mal3/Jas5)
  • Deut25 Hindering, harming, and cheating others is wicked because God is just (Deut25/Ps119:137/Rev16)
  • Deut26 The Lord chose you, led you, freed you, guided you, and provided for you, and made you a people, as he promised (Deut26/Heb11/1Pet2)
  • Deut27 A rejection of God’s laws results in judgment (Deut27/1Cor6:9-11/Rev21:8)
  • Deut28 The God you serve determines whether blessing will follow you or cursing will pursue you (Deut28/Ps23/Eph1)
  • Deut29 The only thing that awaits those who turn back is the fearful expectation of judgment (Deut29/2Tim4:10/Heb6:1-8)
  • Deut30 He is life (Deut30/Ps27/John11)
  • Deut31 He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed (Deut31/1Chr28:20/John14/Heb13:5)
  • Deut32 A song would remind them of their Rock and convict them of their rebellion (Deut32/Eph5:18-21)
  • Deut33 The eternal God is your dwelling place (Deut33/Ps90/John14/Rev22)
  • Deut34 A greater Moses would come…(Deut34/John5:43ff/Heb3)

How has Deuteronomy challenged your own understanding of God and the Bible’s Big Story?