Concerning the Leprechaun in our Freezer

I think we have a leprechaun in our freezer. No, not a toy, a picture, or some strange new food, but a real, live little man with a green hat. You know, a leprechaun. I think that he lives in our freezer and throws ice at the door. 
I am not sure why he lives in there. Perhaps he can’t get out. I try to make my visits to the freezer short simply because I wonder if he is going to jump out. Keeping a leprechaun in the freezer is a little scary, but not nearly as scary as if he got out! Or maybe he wants to get out, but every time the door opens he sees a scary giant reaching its hand in to grab him, so he hides behind the frozen chicken. 
I suppose he throws ice at the door because he is angry. If I was stuck in a freezer, I would be angry as well. I am glad he throws ice instead of frozen peas. I can’t stand the thought of frozen peas.
How do I know that he throws ice? I can hear him. It isn’t just me, Crystal hears him too. If you come over and hang out at our place, you will probably hear him as well. We are normally sitting and eating, or reading in our living room, or just talking when we hear the pop, pop, pop in our freezer. I don’t think it is because of what we are saying, because he probably can’t hear much behind the door. (I don’t really know though because I have never sat inside an operating kitchen appliance.)
Some try to reason themselves out of thinking that it can’t be a leprechaun, but merely the cracking and popping of ice as it expands. Those people are merely scared of reality. They are the same ones who say that a thunderstorm is caused by a warm air front and a cold air front colliding. The warm front rises and then cools, causing the moisture to condense and fall with a lot of static electricity being discharged in the air. Scared is what they are. I think that happens when the Maker has sent the Messenger of Rain. As he hurls the rain and the lightning the cold and warm air reacts appropriately.
I have also heard them talk about slipping tectonic plates when trying to explain what happens when Old Man Earth is groaning and shaking. They talk about orbits and rotation when trying to explain the Sun’s daily walk through the sky. They have all types of ways to explain volcanoes erupting, hail falling, waves crashing on the shore, and birds flying south. Scared is what they are. Scared because you can rationalize a warm air front and a tectonic plate and a lunar eclipse, but not the messengers of the Maker.
If you ever come over, maybe you will hear our leprechaun. I have been trying to make friends with him, but apparently he doesn’t like ice cream or guacamole. Not sure where to go from here.
By the way, have I told you about the manatee in our faucet? Maybe another time.