Metro Women’s Center

Liberty Baptist financially supports Metro Women’s Center, an organization which seeks “to actively promote and maintain the sanctity of human life through educating women and the community at large about pregnancy alternatives so that informed decisions concerning the outcome of pregnancy may be made. We desire to do this by respecting the lives of both the mother and the child equally. We believe that the answer to a problem or unplanned pregnancy is not to abort the child, but to seek alternatives which allow both parties to live.”

 Another way in which we support the center is through community service projects. In September the Youth Group and College and Career helped put together a mailing for the upcoming fundraiser.

I think everyone’s fingers were a little sore the next day, but Haley holds the title for the most envelopes licked. I believe it was over 400. (I think she will have regained her ability to speak by the time of this post)