Peter and the Starcatchers by Ridley and Barry

Book: Pearson, Ridley, and Dave Barry. Peter and the Starcatchers. Disney Hyperion, 2010. 

Pages: 480

Point: Friendship changes us.

Path:Barry and Ridley tell a fun and exciting story with some familiar names. The reader will recognize characters and places from Peter Pan, but with many new twists and plots. There are mermaids and crocodiles, flying boys and nasty pirates, savage natives and an interesting society called “the starcatchers.”

Sources: Based on the concept of Peter Pan, the authors weave a new story.

Agreement: This was a fun story with developing characters. The prose is easy to follow and full of detail. Interesting characters and plots make each chapter a new adventure.

On the Audiobook: Jim Dale does an excellent job of reading this story. It is tough not to get wrapped up in the story with his narration.

Stars: 4.5 out of 5

It would be worth another read and I would recommend it.

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